[Aaron Jonah Lewis] 2020 Vision = Looking Niiiiiiiiiice

I got some surprise dental work done today. As I listened to the dentist’s drill whine and grind layers of molar away, smelling the dentist (he smelled good) and enjoying the simultaneous feelings of cradle-comfort in that chair and discomfort from keeping my mouth so open for so long, I had to suppress a giggle a few times. I giggled for the situation (Princess Bride on the TV — “My name is Inigo Montoya…”) and I giggled for my ability to handle it. I feel better equipped than ever for any challenge that comes my way, and I’m ready to have a good time, too.

Welcome to 2020 AJL World my friends. Things are not suddenly different, just gradually getting better all the time. This is the busiest January I’ve had in a long time and I’m going to tell you all about it. In this email you can read about


– Upcoming Gigs
– Radio Appearances
– New Videos


Yes, I’ve been rehearsing for not one but TWO big shows that I’m producing this month. The first is, of course, my album release show for Mozart of the Banjo, involving three accompanying musicians (Kevin Celestia on piano, Grace van’t Hof on banjo-ukulele and baritone uke, and Keaton Butler on cello) and two readers of poetry (Joe Lewis and Lindsay McCaw).


The second is a Johnny Cash tribute show I’m putting together for the Detroit Institute of Arts including six-piece band and featuring five super-talented local singers: Libby DeCamp, Jo Serrapere, Ryan Dillaha, Zachariah Malachi, and Grace van’t Hof.


These rehearsals have been fun and inspiring and helped remind me of one of the things I love most about my life — I get to play music with all kinds of people and work on a project and improve and improve and then share it and just keep learning and learning the whole time. I LOVE IT. Here are the gigs in chronological order:


1/4 – 11am-12pm WCBN radio appearance – Listen in and call in (734) 763-3500
1/5 – Detroit – THE BIG RELEASE SHOW AT CLIFF BELL’S — Call for reservations (313) 961-2543 or you may be standing all night – FB event
1/6 – Windsor, Canada – CJAM 99.1-FM — Listen in, call in, 519-971-3630 in Windsor or 1-855-344-2526 in Detroit

1/10 – Detroit – Johnny Cash Tribute Show at the Detroit Institute of ArtsFB event


1/12 – Kalamazoo – Workshops and House Concert – Email [email protected] for directions and to RSVP


1/16 – Ann Arbor, MI – THE BIG RELEASE SHOW AT THE ARK – Email [email protected] for ticketing info or call 734-763-8587 – FB event


1/25 – Detroit – First Detroit Square Dance of 2020 at the Gaelic Leage – FB event


1/28 – Berkley, MI – Berkley Public Library – Free Show at 6:30pm


2/14 – Saratoga Springs, NY – Caffe Lena
2/15-16 – Saratoga Springs, NY – Flurry Festival
2/18 – Cambridge, MA – Lizard Lounge
2/19 – Woods Hole, MA – House Concert – contact me if you want to be there!
2/20 – Sheffield, MA – Dewey Hall
2/22 – New York, NY – Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3 – BIG RELEASE CONCERTS – TWO SHOWS


2/23 – Suffern, NY – Solo House Concert – Email Susan at [email protected] to RSVP and get directions
2/24-27 Got any ideas for me in the northeast, anybody?
2/28 – Framingham, MA – Solo Concert at Amazing Things Art Center
And that’s all I have for now until April which will see me back east again with Lovestruck Balladeers at the Brooklyn Folk Festival. At the end of April I’m heading to the UK for a Big Solo Tour. Some of those dates are up on my website now and there are more being added every day. Highlights include Crossover Music Festival, Bluegrass Omagh 2020, Fire In The Mountain Festival, and teaching classic banjo at BMG Summer School at Halsway Manor


I listed two of them above but there’s a third that is yet TBA. I’m recording a segment for WDET’s CultureShift next week and will let you know when it airs!I can only hint at how delighted I would be if you were to call in during either one of the shows I listed above, either the one tomorrow (today?) or the one on the 6th…
I got some good footage from my Noel Night gig with Kevin Celestia at the DIA — Check em!
Ad Astra
Egyptian Princess
Walk Round
In case you were wondering, beautiful CDs with booklet including beautiful photos, artwork and extensive liner notes, ARE NOW AVAILABLE from the Old Time Tiki Parlour and I believe they are currently on SALE.
I’ve never worked so hard on an album before and I’ve never asked for, or received so much help and inspiration from so many people before. I feel grateful and blessed. The album has already sold almost 100 copies and it hasn’t yet been officially released!
That’s right, the Official Release Date is January 24. On that day you will be able to download or stream the album from any digital place where you find music. I will share links when I get them.
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I haven’t actually read any books in a while but I STARTED reading a book so that’s pretty nice. I’ll tell you all about it when I finish reading it. (2024 or sooner.)