Froggy Mountain Boys Featured in Blues-Finland and BluesWebzine

Next month my Western Swing band the Froggy Mountain Boys will play at the TunturiBlues Festival in Saariselkä, Northern Lapland, in Finland. I answered some questions about the band and about myself and the interview / festival preview has been published today (Wednesday) as the leading article in both and

I’m posting Google’s translation of the Finnish article to English below, because I think it gives the best sense of what I really meant with my answers to the interview questions. To see the original article in Finnish please follow the link for and to see the original English please follow the link for


Known happy reunion

The Froggy Mountain Boys will be happy to Saariselkä Mountain Blues. The band’s
playlist is based on Western Swing, but the blues characterized by a genuine heart to
read the future will not be forgotten, Aaron Jonah Lewis points out.

Saariselkä january 20 and 21 days held in Mountain Blues
is an international headliner The Froggy Mountain Boys . The orchestra is truly
international in nature: members of the United States, Germany and France.
The Froggy Mountain Boys home country is Germany. – Different countries and regions in the music traditions, we are playing together like coffee and cream. We are really excited about becoming a Mountain Blues, multi-instrumentalist Aaron Jonah Lewis, says the Blues

The Froggy Mountain Boys represents iloluontoista, Western Swing style, just the music. Boogie-dance rhythm swear in the name the group started its cooperation spontaneously. The group jamitteli Mauer Park in Berlin in May 2010, they realized immediately that this was something special. – We got really good vibes and the sound was excellent. We decided immediately that this does not stop there, the USA Lewis, a native of the times.

The Froggy Mountain Boys configuration is Lewis (banjo, fiddle, vocals), Lawrence
Habert (clarinet), Laurent Humeau (guitar), Roland Satterwhite (violin, vocals) and
John Hagenloch (bass, vocals).

Colorful Cocktail

musician Aaron Jonah Lewis is dedicated to the relevant type. The American tradition of music in diverse branches are more than familiar. One of the key influences is, of course, the blues. Lewis Blues represents a genuine heart of the future musical expression.

– Longing, the fact that it is not alone, the need to live their lives with someone with a … such things blues appeal to me. Violinist big favorite of mine , including Lonnie Johnson and Fiddlin ‘Arthur Smith’s works. At one point, the player also Bessie Smith tribute band, and I fell in love
in earnest in his music.

– Since our band members have different backgrounds, all of the different influences blend as a colorful, refreshing cocktail. The main thing is that the music swinging. Soittajiemme backgrounds can be found, inter alia, Gypsy and traditional New Orleans music, so it’s been interesting to throw together Western Swing. Lewis to keep Western Swing in The Froggy Mountain Boys music in the heart. absolute limit is not true.

– Everyone is allowed to to express themselves freely. Overall, do not have to be really Western Swing. Soitossammehan include for example, country and ragtime.

The positive image of Finland

Mountain Blues Festival artistic director Eero Raittinen invented by The Froggy Mountain Boys their first visit to Finland. The orchestra has Kaustinen last
summer. Lewis was the last trip latitudes on a great experience.

– It was the music the best trips ever! Kaustinen music is clearly the number one issue. It does not have to follow the passive side, but to have the opportunity to play with other musicians, songs and stories vary. Caustic rivals parhaillekin U.S. käymilleni festivals.

– We were extremely well received in Finland. We met the Finns were invariably helpful and hospitable. The Froggy Mountain Boys are coming to the disc, which is a fun Finnish stamps. Hockey has received the name of “Route 77”: the band wrote the album title track trip to Finland samannumeroisella driving on the road. Blues Fell public delight of the album will be completed by the festival. At the moment, the material is in the mix. Also the cover art is being prepared.

– We have not played together for a while, so Mountain Blues public gets to hear the joyful reunion, the band experienced. We want to play as much as a band and jam with everyone. Also in Lapland in winter landscapes Seeing is certainly very exciting. We are very grateful for the opportunity saamastamme, Aaron Jonah Lewis says.