Good Job Everybody

Corn Potato String Band

This album features the best of rare and nearly-forgotten old time country music played with energy, originality and love. Includes a twin-fiddle Midwestern polka, an original double-banjo tune, and plenty of cautionary tales. Recorded live, no overdubs.

Album Credits

Aaron Jonah Lewis – Fiddle, Banjo, Guitar
Ben Belcher – Banjo, Guitar
Lindsay McCaw – Guitar, Fiddle, Hawaiian Steel Guitar

Produced by Aaron Jonah Lewis and Giles Perring
Recorded and Mixed by Giles Perring, Sound of Jura, Scotland
Mastered by Katie Gilchrest, Mythology Mastering, Los Angeles
Album Artwork by Lindsay McCaw
Disc Face Photo by Paul Van Der Blom
Corn Potato Action Figures by Claire Brennan
Inside Panel Photos by Aaron Jonah Lewis
Album Design by Braden Baer

All songs public domain, except ”I Let The Stars Get In My Eyes” by Slim Willet, Virginia Suber Franks, Goldie Hill, “(When You See) Those Flying Saucers” by Grean Coben, “Emotions” by Don Reno, “Was I Drunk” by Chick Endor, Charlie Farrell, “There’s a Rainbow In Every Teardrop” by Erwin King, Slim Whitman, used by permission, and Corn Potato Stomp, by Aaron Jonah Lewis.

Liner Notes
  1. Rubber Dolly – We got this one from the Georgia Yellow Hammers. We know that this song’s lyrics have their roots in England as a children’s song. The melody can be traced back to the second strain of Creole Belles, written by Danish-born American violinist and composer Jens Bodewalt Lampe in the late 1890’s. Lindsay plays fiddle, Ben plays banjo, and Aaron plays guitar.
  2. Helena Polka – Lindsay got this tune from Jesse Downs who said he got it from “Whoopie” John Wilfahrt. It’s a popular Midwestern polka that goes back farther than anyone knows. Lindsay and Aaron play fiddles, Ben plays guitar.
  3. I Let the Stars Get in My Eyes – Originally a hit for Goldie Hill in 1953, this song was written by Slim Willet, Virginia Suber Franks, and Goldie Hill as a response song to Perry Como’s hit, “Don’t Let the Stars Get In Your Eyes,” also written by Willet. Lindsay plays guitar, Aaron plays fiddle and Ben plays banjo.
  4. Cigareets and Whiskey – This is a cautionary tale. In other words, the moral of the story is, “Don’t do it!” Lindsay got the words for this song from Peter Sellers’s performance on the first season of The Muppet Show and paired them with Tommy Jarrell’s “Peekaboo Waltz.” She and Aaron play fiddles and Ben plays guitar.
  5. Brown Skin Gal – Aaron got this tune from a Massey Family recording many years ago and has been playing it ever since. Aaron’s on fiddle, Lindsay plays guitar and Ben is on banjo.
  6. Flying Saucers – Lindsay first heard this song in a shack in Asheville, played by Andrew Norcross. It was written by Grean Coben and it was a hit for the Buchanan Brothers, Chester and Lester, who recorded it in 1947. Aaron plays fiddle, Lindsay plays guitar, Ben plays banjo.
  7. Emotions – Don Reno wrote this song and recorded it in 1968. He was, in our collective opinion, the greatest bluegrass banjo player who ever lived, and this is but one of many great songs he wrote. Aaron plays fiddle, Ben plays banjo, Lindsay plays guitar.
  8. I Had But Fifty Cents – Watch out, this one’s another cautionary tale. Lindsay took the words from an old song she found on a tape called “It’ll Never Happen Again” and added them to Benton Flippen’s version of “Up Jumped Trouble”. Lindsay plays fiddle, Ben plays banjo and Aaron plays guitar.
  9. Dance All Night – Lindsay learned this version from Nick Stillman but he doesn’t remember it that way, so we’re going to say it’s Fiddlin’ Lindsay McCaw’s version. She plays fiddle, Aaron plays banjo and Ben plays guitar.
  10. Sal’s Got A Meatskin – Recorded in the 1930’s by the Carlisle Brothers and by the New Lost City Ramblers around 1960, this is a touching ballad of sincere heartbreak and longing. Ben plays guitar, Lindsay plays Hawaiian steel guitar and Aaron is just wringing his hands and singing the high part.
  11. Corn Potato Stomp – Aaron wrote this tune after the smash success he enjoyed with his earlier double-banjo piece, Route 77. Aaron and Ben play banjos, Lindsay plays guitar, and Giles plays baliphone, an instrument he invented, during the last break of the tune.
  12. Was I Drunk – This song was written for the 1931 Ziegfield Follies by Chick Endor and Charlie Farrell. Special thanks to Matt Bell for bringing it to our attention, and a special shout out goes to Screamin Miss Jackson & The Slap Ya Mama Big Band for finding this song on their own and creating their own arrangement of it. Lindsay plays fiddle, Aaron plays banjo and Ben plays guitar.
  13. There’s a Rainbow in Every Teardrop – This was recorded by the “Smiling Starduster” himself, Slim Whitman, who co-wrote the song with Erwin King. Lindsay added the yodelling coda at the end as a tribute to one of the greatest country yodellers of all time. Aaron plays banjo, Ben plays guitar and Lindsay plays Hawaiian steel guitar.