Banjovial Greetings, One And All!

I’m getting jolly over here because it’s my favorite month of the year. It’s so beautiful here in Michigan, and we can safely say that summer is completely over. The ongoing pandemic that is coronavirus continues to rage, and the even more ongoing plague of capitalist white-supremacist patriarchy also continues. I already voted so I can ignore  the ubiquitous campaign ads, but I did sign up to work the polls on election day so we’ll see how that turns out.

In this newsletter:
 – Patreon Goals
 – I Have A Gig! (Two, Actually)
 – Spring Tour in UK and Ireland
 – Grammys (Ha Ha)
 – New Video (From Live Online Concert)
 – I Read A Book

Patreon Goals
I have almost 2500 subscribers to this email list and I currently have 38 patrons on Patreon. My goal is to get that number up to 300 — Can you help me make it happen? For less than the price of a cup of coffee (once a month) you’ll get lots of exclusive content including music, stories, and lessons. If you get in early you’ll be able to help me shape the course of the content I’m sharing. I’m really grateful for the opportunity to share so directly — Please take a minute and sign up here.

 I Have A Gig! (Two, Actually)
I may have mentioned before that my favorite venue in world (or at least within a three-hour drive of Detroit) is the G.A.R. Hall in Peninsula, Ohio. I am fortunate enough to have not one, but TWO gigs coming up there in a couple weeks:

Friday, Nov 6 – Paul Kovac’s Big Grass Band – Doors 7pm/Music 8pm – More info at – I’m sitting in with Paul Kovac and his awesome bluegrass band! (I’m playing fiddle.)

Saturday, Nov 14 – Aaron Jonah Lewis with Keva Celestia – Doors 7pm/Music 8pm – Tickets and FB Event – A classic banjo concert with piano accompaniment by Keva Celestia

 Spring Tour in UK and Ireland
This is in the works! Tour dates TBA but we are lining things up all over the UK and Ireland, with fingers crossed for some dates in Germany as well…

 Grammys (Ha Ha)
Some of you may have seen my name in association with the Grammy awards — It’s true! I have two projects under consideration for a nomination… This is not the same as being nominated for a Grammy, however it is still a huge honor to know that voting academy members are listening seriously to my work. Those two albums, in case you’re wondering, are Mozart of the Banjo: The Joe Morley Project and Lovestruck Balladeers (self-titled) — both available for sale in physical and digital formats.

 New Video (From Live Online Concert)
I’ve done many a live stream concert since April and here is the most recent one, for Acoustic Nights at The Meeting Place, a venue I played in Glasgow a few years ago with Corn Potato String Band. Hoping to return there this spring…!

 I Read A Book
I probably read more than one book since the last newsletter but the one I finished most recently was highly enjoyable, short, and well worth a recommendation. Mr. Wilson’s Cabinet Of Wonder, by Lawrence Weschler is specifically about the Museum of Jurassic Technology in Los Angeles, and more broadly about the origin and evolution of museums, and the experience of wonder. Highly recommended.

Bonus Section: Food Stuff
Thanks for staying with me — Having tasted how delicious vegan food can be, I started making an effort to cut more animal products out of my diet. I’ve been mostly vegetarian for a while now so it’s not a huge shift. The main thing I’ve addressed is my daily yogurt habit — I first tried making oat milk from scratch (It’s very easy and pretty quick) and then I tried turning that oat milk into yogurt, and it worked! Tasty, healthy, and so much cheaper. No need for single-use plastic containers anymore, either.

Stay Delicious Yall,

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