Have You Seen Both Ends of the Rainbow?

I was feeling a bit stressed yesterday when my psychiatrist was more than an hour and a half late to our appointment, but then I got to see my dear friend Alex Belhaj and play a bunch of great music with him and reeds-wizard Chris Tabaczynski and I felt so much better! I’m grateful to have such great friends and such a fulfilling outlet. Last weekend Alex and I played a little concert and square dance out in Chagrin Falls, Ohio (east of Cleveland) with Lindsay McCaw and Rachel Pearson, and had such a great time. We even saw both ends of a rainbow touching down on either side of the field where we were playing!

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A Message from White Flowers THIS FRIDAY at The Ark
Jenny Parrott (Austin, TX), Big Dixie Swingers (New Orleans) concert in Detroit THIS MONDAY
Corn Potato String Band Tour Dates + Big News
DSDS Queer Potluck + Square Dancing Returns to Vámonos! August 18
GroupMuse in Detroit, Let’s Gooooo!
– New Old Time Album with Thomas Bailey & Le Remede, Terra Incognita, Releasing in September
– New Videos: RBR Trio Live at The Ark series on Patreon

A Message from White Flowers – THIS FRIDAY at The Ark

I feel blessed to be a part of this incredible group featuring the compositions of King Sophia and LuFuki. We’ve been rehearsing for a few months and I love the loving energy of this group as well as the freshness and excitement of playing new music, and not just any new music but new music composed by people I adore!

White Flowers is a string ensemble that came out of Autophysiopsychic Millennium’s theatrical performance Something Else in the Garden, based on Dr. Yusef Lateef’s novella, Night in the Garden of Love.

Autophysiopsychic Millennium (APPM) is a Black-led creative research and performance collective that explores, experiment, and studies the music philosophy and spiritual works of world-renowned multi-instrumentalist musician, composer, author, visual artist, professor, Afro-Futurist, and Detroit native, Dr. Yusef Lateef.

Doors at 7:30, Show at 8, $20, Some tickets still available

Jenny Parrott (Austin, TX), Big Dixie Swingers (New Orleans) concert in Detroit THIS MONDAY

My dreams of hosting fabulous musician friends from around the world is coming true! It was a surprise that both these wonderful artists, who don’t know each other, are converging in Detroit on the same day, but it’s been my plan all along to do less touring and more hosting. Check out Jenny Parrott’s music and story here, and Big Dixie Swingers here.

If you’re in or near Detroit this Monday be sure to stop on by, we’ll have tacos and Old McCaw’s Tropical Themed Bar will be open. (Message me for the address)

Corn Potato String Band Tour Dates + Big News

We finally have our tour dates finalized, here they are:

07/25/24 – Detroit, MI, Detroit Film Theatre, 1-2pm, FREE
07/26/24 – Ann Arbor, MI, North Star Lounge, 6:30-8, 9-10:30 (two separate shows) BUY TICKETS
07/27/24 – Remus, MI, May Barn, For reservations and more info contact Kris Stableford, 989-330-7917
07/28/24 – Detroit, MI, Ghost Light, Doors @ 7p | Music @ 9p, $15 Adv | $20 Door BUY TICKETS
07/29/24 – Toldeo, OH, Cob Stomping Party — This is a “private event” where all are welcome — For address and RSVP email [email protected]
07/30/24 – Detroit, MI, Alpino BUY TICKETS, Like and Share on FB
07/31/24 – Goshen, IN, Stoltzfus Manor, Call Jesse at 504-377-8223 for reservations
08/01/24 – Fort Atkinson, WI, Cafe Carpe BUY TICKETS
08/02/24 – Shawano, WI, Cotter Creek House Concerts 5:30 doors, Showtime 7pm Cotter Creek House Concert Series at the home of Joel Kroenke, email [email protected] or call (715) 853-6879 for more info and to make reservations
08/03/24 – Madison, WI, Sugar Maple Music Festival
08/04/24 – Madison, WI, Sugar Maple Music Festival After Party

“OK Aaron, we’ll see you at one or more of these gigs because we know it’s our only chance to see Corn Potato all year, but what’s the big news??”

The big news is… We are welcoming a new Corn Potato to the band!!

Longtime pal Nikki Grossman, formerly of The Sapsuckers will join us on this tour, subbing in for Lindsay on fiddle, guitar, vox, and feet, as Lindsay got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel to Korea to perform at an international puppet festival with Bread and Puppet.

Ben and I are so excited to play with Nikki, not only because we have been friends for many years and her vocal and instrumental skills are top notch, but also because Nikki has some fantastic original songs she’s written that we will feature on this tour as well. Yes, a transfusion of new song juice for the old Starches — Who knows where this will lead!

DSDS Queer Potluck + Square Dancing Returns to Vámonos! August 18

Our last DSDS event, which was also our first collaboration with Vámonos! was a huge success and we are thrilled to have this one to look forward to.

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Detroit Square Dance Society

Detroit and Southeast MI square dance events and related announcements
By Aaron Jonah Lewis

More info about the event here (Substack) and here (FB).

GroupMuse in Detroit, Let’s Gooooo!

I recently joined a worker- and musician-owned co-operative organization called GroupMuse that’s been around since 2010 and provides support to connect house concert hosts, performers, and audiences. (Mission statement: GroupMuse exists to uplift artists and strengthen broader community bonds through live, intimate performances of historically-rooted music.)

After a number of meetings I’ve determined that I love the approach and the energy of this organization, they have so much to offer, and we can really benefit from this network and their resources here in Detroit and Southeast Michigan. To that end I’m organizing an informal gathering a week from tomorrow, Wednesday the 17th, at my house, for whoever’s interested and available to stop by, have a potluck and sight reading jam session and meet up. Message me for more info.

New Old Time Album with Thomas Bailey & Le Remede, Terra Incognita, Releasing in September

From Tom: Announcing the release of my new record & the first ‘Old Timerecording in nearly12 years


Made with love during the summer 2023 at Studio Cabane in the Parisian suburbs
thanks to my “Bal Folk” co-conspirators in Carambolage le Bal , Aaron Jonah Lewis and my very good buddy, Senegalese guitarist Magou Samb.

A collection of tunes from Central Appalachia that I learned over the years by direct oral tradition & re-transmitted for the 21st century.

Official release – for online/streaming – 7 sept 2024.
A presale & crowdfunding campaign starts 15 july

more info via my facebook page (facebook.com/thomasbaileymusic) , or email[email protected]

New Videos: RBR Trio Live at The Ark series on Patreon

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So the weekly series of RBR Trio videos from our show at the Ark continues, and here is the latest couple of videos:

G Rag (fiddle, cello, guitar)
Rag Pickings (banjo, cello, guitar)
Beale St Blues (fiddle, guitar, vocals)

Those links take you to my YouTube channel where you can read the lengthy and delightfully informative descriptions I’ve included for each video. If you’re not interested or just don’t have the time to click to a different site, here are the videos embedded into this newsletter for your enjoyment. Neat, huh!


Farewell for Now

Actually, before I sign off I’m going to announce one more thing — For three months at the end of the year, from late October til late January I will not be online at all, I’m going to retreat in silence and meditation like I did last year but this time for three months instead of just one. Do you think it’s better for me to schedule posts for while I’m away or just let my online presence reflect the silence I’ll be observing in my actual life? Your thoughts and opinions are welcome.

Please stay cool and hydrated and take care of each other,
Yours Truly and Banjovially as Ever,