Here We Gooooo…!

Additional UK/EU/West Coast Tour Dates Announced, New Videos, Book Reports, and more

Last night we had a little bon voyage party for me and I got to see a lot of my local friends, plus I got to see a performance by my old band, Roochie Toochie & the Ragtime Shepherd Kings, which was amazing as always.

Now I have just about a week to make sure I’m ready for this big adventure. Wish me luck, and come out and see me if you can. And if you can’t make sure to send three people in your place!

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Tour Dates (Including Recently Announced and TBC)

New Videos

Book Report

Tour Dates

New Videos

Honestly I’ve been making and posting so many videos lately. If you really want to keep up on it please join my Patreon where you will have access to the full videos before anyone else. For partial access you can find me in Instagram, Tiktok, and Facebook.

But here’s a few of my favorite recent ones!

in which I do that special Joe Venuti four-string bowing trick! With Alex Belhaj on guitar

live from JAPC with Stephen Warner on the organ, and

just one fantastic moment from the American Banjo Fraternity Rally last month.

Book Report

I’ve been on the nonfiction! And you might even call it the self-help/philosophy nonfiction but it’s where I’m at right now, exploring what it means to be alive and how to live my values authentically and compassionately.

I read The Wheel of Consent, by Betty Martin, which I will unhesitatingly recommend to everyone. The wisdom and practices in this book are giving me so much insight into my relationship with myself and with everyone I come in contact with.

The other book I’m just a few pages shy of finishing but know I will have to reread more slowly, is All About Love, by bell hooks. This book is so powerful, her writing resonates so strongly with so much of my experience. It’s affirming to read such well-written and researched thoughts. Let us not be afraid of love, even if it means being vulnerable and honest with ourselves and others!

Have a Great Summer

This will likely be my last newsletter for a while, so I hope you all have a wonderful summer time. Don’t forget to hydrate and reapply sunscreen. I hope to see many of you out on the road, and again, please help spread the word about shows in your area, I need all the help I can get!