Mozart of the Banjo is HERE

I am giddy with excitement to share this news with you today —

After nearly a year of preparation — researching, practicing, coordinating, rehearsing, recording, mixing, mastering, designing, and more (ENORMOUS thanks to everyone who helped me make this happen!) —

My first solo album of classic fingerstyle banjo music is now available HERE!!

This album consists exclusively of pieces by the great English banjo composer Joe Morley, an early 20th-century virtuoso and prolific composer whose works have appealed to me since I first encountered them.

The CD also comes with extensive liner notes, including contributions from the Smithsonian’s Greg Adams, fellow musician Jerron Paxton, and the man who wrote THE book on Klezmer, Hank Sapoznik, all personal heroes of mine.

Many of the pieces on this album have never before been recorded.

It is a great honor for my album to be included in the catalog of Tiki Parlour Recordings, a label I’ve admired for many years. Every single record they’ve released is an absolute gem and an inspiration. They put together this beautiful trailer video for the album which I encourage you to share. Yes, please like, share and subscribe! I know, you’ve already subscribed…

Folks, Christmas is just around the corner and I know you have a banjo person in your life who will just go mad for this record. If that person is yourself then so much the better. Follow this link to order.

In other news, I am on tour with Lovestruck Balladeers in the Midwest for the rest of the week. Come see us in these fine establishments:

Detroit, MI — Nov 12 — Cliff Bell’s
Madison, WI — Nov 13 — Brink Lounge
St. Louis, MO — Nov 14 — The Focal Point
Chicago, IL — Nov 16 — Honky Tonk BBQ

As a band we are celebrating our own CD release for our self-titled debut album, however these CDs are only available at our shows (for now) so make sure to catch us if you can. And whether you can or not, check out our latest video HERE.

Other shows I have coming up:

Ann Arbor Distilling Company (solo) — Nov 22
Detroit Institute of Arts, Kresge Court (solo) — Dec 7
Manchester, MI — Square Dance at Emanuel United Church w/DSDS Band — Dec 14
Ann Arbor, MI — The Ark w/Hillbilly Executives — Dec 17

That’s all for now my dears. What a feeling! Wow, it feels like quite an achievement. I really hope you’ll enjoy hearing this fine rare banjo music, admiring the fine artwork (by Grace van’t Hof) and reading the liner notes. I even more greatly hope to be able to share this music with you live. Ah, one last thing! It’s not too late to announce the two local release shows I have coming up —

Mozart of the Banjo CD Release Shows (more TBA):

Detroit — Cliff Bell’s — Jan 5
Ann Arbor — The Ark — Jan 16

These shows will include some special guests as well as piano accompaniment from Kevin Celestia. There will be fun surprises! These will not be typical concerts…

Also, welcome to winter, everybody! So glad to see the snow. Stay warm and cuddly and keep your loved ones and your banjos close.