New Release – LIVE, Mostly

Hello hello hello!

Here’s the big news — My live album with Ben Belcher is now officially released and available from CDBaby as well as all other digital media outlets (iTunes, Spotify, etc.). And here’s the back story:

In 2012 we joined Thomas Dolby for a month-long North American tour. Ben and I played an opening set each night and I joined Thomas Dolby’s band for a few songs. Sean Haney, the sound engineer, recorded some of the shows and was gracious enough to let me release them. In preparation for our Home Routes tour last April Ben and I finally got around to listening through the old recordings, picking out the best ones, and adding a few home recordings we made at Ben’s house in Alabama of some classic banjo duets.

Speaking of Ben, here is a link to the GoFundMe campaign that is raising funds to support him and his wife as they are going through some serious medical issues with their son.

Also, Crazy Cats is now available as a FREE DOWNLOAD.
I’m hitting the road again tomorrow and then it will be pretty nonstop for the rest of the summer, or until October, really. I’m not going to list all the dates here but I will say that I will be in Michigan, Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia for Clifftop, Minnesota, Wisconsin, back to Tennessee for Wilson County Fair, from now til August.

In September I tour with Ben as a duo from Michigan to Massachusetts with stops in Ohio and New York, then we play the big Oldtone Festival with Corn Potato AND Roochie Toochie, then continue to Maine with Roochie Toochie. Many many exciting shows and festivals!

Keep an eye on and for all the details.
I want to close by sharing one of the best feelings I’ve ever felt — Last weekend I went to the Michigan Jazz Festival to see one of my students perform on the Future of Jazz stage. The joy and pride I felt at seeing her play with her band was like nothing else, and I can’t even take any credit for her ability as I’ve only had a handful of lessons with her myself. She has a very supportive, music-loving family and I am privileged to be able to contribute to her musical education. I’ve never worked with a young student (she’s eleven) for more than a lesson or two before. This may become something I want to do more…
Now I’m off to hit the road and play a lot of shows, which I know can also provide inspiration sometimes, or at least a few good laughs!

See you out there,