Froggy Mountain Boys Featured in Blues-Finland and BluesWebzine

December 8, 2011

Next month my Western Swing band the Froggy Mountain Boys will play at the TunturiBlues Festival in Saariselkä, Northern Lapland, in Finland. I answered some questions about the band and about myself and the interview / festival preview has been published today (Wednesday) as the leading article in both and I’m posting Google’s translation of the Finnish article to English below, because I think it gives the best sense of what I really meant with my answers to the interview questions. To see the original article in Finnish please follow the link for and to see the original English please follow the link for

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The Tour Begins

October 28, 2011

My Nov/Dec tour has sort of finally started. I’ve been in London for a few days (see below for what came before that), rehearsing with Thomas Dolby and with Ed Hicks, even picking up some random gigs such as tonight with Dancing Slippers and tomorrow with Cut A Shine in Brighton. I’ve been navigating London by copying directions from the internet into a giant notebook and then crouching under an umbrella in the dark with guitar, banjo and fiddle on my back trying to read what I wrote and figure out which bus to take. Here’s what I wrote a few days ago when I was in Ireland, and after that I have a summary of my upcoming tour dates: I’m in Ireland! Wow, I’m really in Ireland. I spent two nights on the bus getting here from Berlin and now I’m here. (Scroll down to read about why I took the bus instead of flying.) I had a nice visit with Ed and Jo during my stopover in London and since I’ve been in Ireland I’ve been taking it easy and getting to…

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Why I Took the Bus Instead of Flying

October 19, 2011

I recently spent two nights traveling from Berlin to Dublin by bus. When I tell people this, they usually react with shock and surprise, even suggesting that I must be crazy. I know that most people who ride buses over long distances probably are crazy, at least in the States, where the only people who ride the bus are either too poor to fly or too disabled or too crazy to be allowed to drive, but not me. That’s why I want to tell you why I took the bus. Let’s start things right off by admitting that I can be a cheap bastard from time to time. I buy off-brand items in the shop just to save a few cents and I have taken the Chinatown buses up and down the East Coast in the US many times for the reason that they are horrendously cheap (and fast!) despite their usually miserable hours of operation (e.g. depart Richmond at midnight, arrive NYC at 6am). However, saving money was not my main reason for taking the bus this time.

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Last Concerts In Berlin for 2011, UK Tour Ahead…

October 3, 2011

Doot-doodoodooDootDootDoot DOOOOOO!!! (Ba-bum.) And now I have a NEWS page on my website. So I’m just sitting at the table in my lovely homey flat in Berlin, drinking Pfirsich Eistee, which I am totally addicted to (It’s 45 cents for a liter and a half, people) and listening to Daft Punk, which really helps me, you know, get things done on the computer. I feel really in the computer zone right now. Doing it, email style, creative traditional and jazz fiddling and banjo picking, emailing, yeah, I’m so grooving on this. This is more like a personal letter than a plea for you to buy stuff or watch my videos or anything. I just had a lovely visit from banjo/guitar-pickin and fiddlin Ed Hicks, with whom I will tour the UK til the end of the year, starting in just a few short weeks. Oh yes, this is the big exciting thing I’ve been waiting for since, I don’t know, my last tour in February. But I’ll tell you more about that in a couple weeks when I really have all the dates nailed,…

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Same Old Style – Great New Junk

September 6, 2011 is back with a vengeance! Working with that same-old dang-simple layout you’ve come to love, the great minds behind the site have added awesome new content, including an action-packed video section and an all-new in-site CDBaby plugin from which you can purchase all of my albums. I hope that you’ll take a moment to look around and see what’s new! Also, don’t forget to check back here for the latest news!

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