Phil’s Patio

Aaron Jonah Lewis & Matt Ball

Old time fiddle and banjo tunes recorded live on a warm November day on Phil’s Patio in Richmond, Virginia.

Matt and Aaron met for the first time in 2002 or so at the Old Fiddlers Convention in Galax, Virginia. During a sudden rainstorm Aaron took shelter with Matt and his friends. That may have been the first time Aaron learned about old time music. At least, he understood that it’s slower and more repetitive than bluegrass, but also lots of fun. Seven years later, Aaron and Matt were both living in Richmond and decided what the heck, let’s record some tunes!

Matt Ball is at least a 4th generation string band musician–that’s as far back as anybody in the family can remember. He moved to Richmond from Kentucky a couple years ago and that’s where he and Aaron recorded this album. Aaron is best known as the founding fiddler of The Hot Seats, formerly Special Ed and the Shortbus. Originally from Detroit, he has played violin and/or fiddle since he was very young, and first started getting into bluegrass and old time music around 2002 when he fell in with aforementioned band and went to Galax for the first time. Currently Matt is living and playing in Richmond and Aaron is traveling the world and playing with everyone he meets.

Thanks to Phil for letting us record on his patio.

Tunings – Banjo, Fiddle
  1. Josie-O – gDGBD, GDAE
  2. Indian Ate A Woodchuck – aDADE, ADAE
  3. Going To Town – gDGBD, GDAE
  4. Going To Town – aDADE, ADAE
  5. Callahan – aEAC#E, AEAE
  6. Breaking Up Christmas – aEAC#E, AEAE
  7. Backstep Cindy – aDADE, ADAE
  8. West Fork Gals – aDADE, ADAE
  9. Sixteen On Sunday – aEAC#E, AEAC#
  10. Shelvin Rock – aEAC#E or aEADE, AEAE
  11. Old Mother Flanagan – aEAC#E, AEAE
  12. New Five Cents – aDADE, ADAE
  13. Merriweather – aEAC#E, AEAE
  14. Lost Indian – aEAC#E, AEAC#
  15. Lady Of The Lake – aDADE, ADAE