Taste the Goodness of the Biscuit

Greetings Friends and Neighbors,


I have a lot going on this coming month and I want to make sure you know all about it!


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– Big Queer Square Dance + Potluck in Detroit tomorrow night!
– Lovestruck Balladeers Updated Tour Dates
– Solo Shows in Late Oct Just Added
– Ragtime Banjo Revival Update
– Book Report
– New Songs I Recorded with Billy Clay
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Big Queer Square Dance in Detroit
In case you haven’t already heard, our local Detroit Square Dance Society (aka DSDS) is having our first big queer square dance and potluck in years, or really, ever! Peep the FB event, it’s tomorrow, Sunday, Oct 2, 6pm at Christ Church, 960 E. Jefferson and it’s going to be FABULOUS!
Lovestruck Balladeers Updated Tour Dates
See all our tour dates and links to buy tickets here, and know that if you live in any of these places we are coming to your town:
10/8 Soldiers Grove, WI – Old Oak Inn
10/9 Spring Green, WI – Slowpoke Lounge
10/11 Union, MO – East Central College
10/12 St. Louis, MO – Focal Point
10/14-15 Mountain View, AR – Ozark Folk Center State Park
10/18 Chicago, IL – The Hideout
***Just Added*** 10/19 Ann Arbor, MI – North Star Lounge
10/20 – Ada, OH (Toledo Area) – Ohio Northern University. St. Guest Artist Series
10/22 – Brooklyn Folk Festival
Solo Shows in Late Oct
Oct 23 I am playing a house concert at Janet’s place in Albany, NY (RSVP to Janet at [email protected] if planning to attend) and come early for the pizza party!
Oct 29 I am playing a very special concert at the G.A.R. Hall in Peninsula, OH, with Alex Belhaj and Grace van’t Hof. Tickets and more info are available here.
I don’t have any other shows scheduled between NY and OH but I could! Especially if you live in Columbus or Cleveland or Buffalo or Pittsburgh and want to host a house concert… Let me know!
Ragtime Banjo Revival Update
Major milestone — All the recording has been finished. Soon we will begin mixing and then the real tricky parts remain — fundraising and either finding support from a record label or strategizing how to do everything without such support. Forging ahead into the great unknown with the most ambitious project of my life!
I can’t express how grateful I am to all the musicians and engineers who have been willing to put so much of their hard work and talent into this project with only a promise of getting paid “as soon as I can find the money!”
Another major step has been taken with the Detroit Theater Organ Society agreeing to take the role of fiscal sponsor for this project. This will allow people (maybe you?) to make tax-deductible donations. If anyone out there has mucho dinero and wants Executive Producer credit, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Book Report
Lately I’ve been reading some American short stories, and I guess you could say they’re the best. They’re from a little collection called The Best American Short Stories. Why mess with anything less than the best, amiright?
The only book book I read recently was Waterlily, by Ella Cara Deloria. A novel of historical fiction the portrays life for a Dakota woman before and during colonization, this book wasn’t super fun to read while I was reading it but it also went by pretty fast, and after I was finished with it I was very moved.
My main takeaway was how this woman was so grateful for her family and how she knew how to take care of whom and she knew that she would be taken care of as well. I’m very sensitive to the alienation and isolation so many of us have been feeling even before Covid-related lockdowns, and this book struck a nerve with that. We need to form meaningful relationships with each other in the physical world or we risk being divided and controlled by outside forces as we stray from the paths of our ancestors.
New Songs I Recorded with Billy Clay
I had a fun sesh with local country artist Billy Clay a while ago and the fruits of our labors are not yet officially released but you can hear this song if you like:

À bientôt!