The Tour Begins

My Nov/Dec tour has sort of finally started. I’ve been in London for a few days (see below for what came before that), rehearsing with Thomas Dolby and with Ed Hicks, even picking up some random gigs such as tonight with Dancing Slippers and tomorrow with Cut A Shine in Brighton. I’ve been navigating London by copying directions from the internet into a giant notebook and then crouching under an umbrella in the dark with guitar, banjo and fiddle on my back trying to read what I wrote and figure out which bus to take. Here’s what I wrote a few days ago when I was in Ireland, and after that I have a summary of my upcoming tour dates:

I’m in Ireland! Wow, I’m really in Ireland. I spent two nights on the bus getting here from Berlin and now I’m here. (Scroll down to read about why I took the bus instead of flying.) I had a nice visit with Ed and Jo during my stopover in London and since I’ve been in Ireland I’ve been taking it easy and getting to meet some of Noriana’s family and friends. Lovely people! Excellent food! Super tunes! And even the weather’s been gorgeous! What an absolute pleasure it is to be here.

The last days in Berlin were incredible, culminating in a series of days that included a recording session with the Froggys with Alexander Ott, a concert with four trad musicians from Norway and Sweden in Soul Cat, a big late night party concert with Latcho Nash Nash in Zuhause, and of course my big big birthday bash with the Froggys at 3 Schwestern. Thanks to everyone who came and made the night so wonderful, and special thanks to Johnny, Hampus and Carlos for coming out playing with us, yall were great!

It’s starting to hit home with me that I’m really on tour now, the longest tour I’ve ever tried to do so far (two and a half months), and I won’t be home in Berlin again until after New Year’s. I’m quite happy and excited about all the old friends in England and Scotland that I’ll see again, and all the new people I’ll meet. Maybe now I should tell you about where I’ll be playing over the next couple months in these lovely British Isles…

Here are the dates:
Oct 28 – Passing Clouds, Kingsland Road, London, with Dancing Slippers
29 – Alternative Village Fete in Brighton, with Cut A Shine
31 – Dalston Boys Club in London, with Dancing Slippers
Nov 2 – Rainham with Ed
4 – Maltings in Snape with Thomas Dolby
Nov 6-18 is Thomas Dolby tour – I play with him and open for him with Ed Hicks
6 – Shepherds Bush Empire, London
7 – Herfordshire
8 – Academy in Bournemouth
9 – Assembly in Leamington Spa
11 – Academy in Sheffield
12 – Stanley Theatre in Liverpool
13 – Academy in Birmingham
14 – Academy in Oxford
16 – ABC in Glasgow
17 – The Sage in Gateshead
18 – Picture Drome in Holmfirth
Here begins my ‘solo’ tour with Ed Hicks and flatfoot dancer Rosalind Masson:
19 – Isle of Jura
20 – Isle of Skye
22 – Edinburgh
25 – Reading
26 – Reading
27 – Dorset
30 – Bridport
Dec 1 – Beer
3 – Workshop in London
4 – East London
6 – Aylesbury
7 – West London
9 – Cromer

If you’re around Aviemore, Brighton, Glasgow, Suffolk or Norwich please check in later because we have a few more possible dates tbc. For all the details go to and
(I will soon have all the relevant details up on my website as well)

See you soon!