Wild Hog

Aaron Jonah Lewis & Thomas Bailey (feat. Max Johnson)

‘Wild Hog’ captures Aaron and Tom’s highly improvisational approach to traditional American fiddle music and features phenomenal bass playing from Max Johnson. Tom and Aaron have been playing together for over ten years, mostly at fiddlers conventions, festivals and jam sessions.

‘Wild Hog’ was recorded during one four-hour session at Sheriff Bob’s place in NYC in April of 2012 with Max Johnson on bass. All the tracks were recorded live and acoustic in one single take with no overdubs. We didn’t know what we were going to record before we sat down in front of the microphones so everything is very fresh. We only did one take of each tune and kept everything in the order in which it was recorded, only because we thought it sounded good that way.

  • Thomas Bailey – guitar, vocals, fiddle
  • Aaron Jonah Lewis – fiddle, banjo, vocals
  • Max Johnson – bass
  • Mastering by Richard Morris Mastering, Asbury Park, NJ
  • Artwork by typografic, Andreas Fack and Frank Hellweg

All songs traditional from public domain, all arrangements are original.

Wild Hog Trio