Quick Note About What You Can Expect When You See Me and Ben Belcher Opening for Thomas Dolby On His Tour of the US and Canada This March/April

Ben Belcher and I have been playing together since 2001 or 2002, when we tried to form a bluegrass group with about eight or nine other guys. It was called Special Ed and the Shortbus Bluegrass Band, like we had to remind ourselves of what we were trying to do with the band name. It turned out that playing traditional bluegrass was harder than we thought it would be, so we indulged ourselves and played whatever we felt like. Lots of fun ensued. (Think Zappa and Ween tunes with fiddle and banjo) Years later we got more involved with traditional bluegrass and old time music and got to playing more and more of it, understanding it better, developing a deeper appreciation and a greater repertoire, as well as a great network of friends and co-conspirators. A couple years ago Special Ed and the Shortbus became the Hot Seats and I left the band and moved to Berlin, Germany, soon after. Then, a few months ago, Ben and his wife, Annie Campbell came for a visit in Berlin and we played together for the first time in about two years. It was as if nothing had changed, except we had both gotten a lot better at playing our instruments and learned a lot of new tunes as well.

So when you come and see us opening for Thomas Dolby on his tour this coming spring, expect to see two old friends having a ball, jamming on their favorite banjo and fiddle tunes and singing the old songs they’ve always loved. There will be old time, there will be bluegrass, there will be AT LEAST one banjo and one fiddle on the stage, and maybe probably there will beMUCH MORE, and other things, too! Like SURPRISES!! That’s all for now, because if I tell you any more then it won’t be a surprise when you come and see the show.