Dos Señoritas – Classic Banjo Duets

Aaron Jonah Lewis and Ben Belcher

Get ready for medium thrills and maximum enjoyment! This collection of classic banjo duets represents some of the most popular music of the English-speaking world just before audio recording technology became widely available.

The music offers a variety of evocative moods to excite the imagination — it’s technically challenging to execute but very easy to listen to.

This may be the first collection of exclusively classic banjo duets ever recorded, including two pieces by the Mozart of the Banjo himself, Joe Morley, two by another great UK banjo composer, Emile Grimshaw, and a monstrous Grand Polka de Concert by US composer, Paul Eno, entitled Cupid’s Arrow.

  1. Zarana (Joe Morley) 3:34
  2. You and a Canoe (Emile Grimshaw) 3:39
  3. Cupid’s Arrow (Paul Eno) 3:01
  4. The Banshee (Emile Grimshaw) 3:34
  5. A Banjo Frolic (Joe Morley) 3:03
  6. Mauna Loa (Joe Morley) 5:01

Released October 10, 2023


Recorded by Keith Billik
Mixed and mastered by Mitchell Graham
Artwork by Grace van’t Hof
All songs public domain
Agilest Music 2023